The teachers of the Cermis Cavalese Ski School

The Teachers of the Ski School Cermis Cavalese will respond to all customer needs thanks to their different specializations!

The teachers of the Cermis Cavalese Ski School specialize in different disciplines:

  • teaching to children
  • teaching to people with disabilities
  • ski and telemark trainers / instructors
  • snowboard
  • free-ride
  • alpine guide

Guests who do not speak Italian will be in excellent hands thanks to our polyglot ski instructors (English, French, German and Polish); all of our students will be assigned to the most suitable teacher to their needs.

In addition to ski, snowboard, telemark and free-ride you can book flights in tandem paragliding.

Viviana Seppi
Maestro di sci Direttore in Carica
Alex Seppi
Maestro di sci
Paolo Seppi
Maestro di sci
John Vaia
Maestro di sci
Luca Vaia
Maestro di sci
Denis Rizzoli
Maestro di sci
Lorenzo Rizzoli
Maestro di sci
Giulia Boninsegna
Maestra di sci
Margherita Cenni
Maestra di snowboard
Lara Corradini
Maestra di sci
Flavio Devito
Maestro di sci
Giovanni Dezulian
maestro si sci e snowboard
Giancarlo Bettin
Maestro di sci e snowboard
Massimo Zeni
Maestro di sci e snowboard
Mario Monsorno
Maestro di sci
Giorgia Vanzo
Maestra di sci
Fulvio Ceol
Maestro di sci
Sofia Braito
Maestra di sci
Alessandro Manfrin
Maestro di sci
Silvia Moncher
Maestra di sci
Filippo Reppucci
Maestro di sci
Sergio Zorzi
Maestro di sci
Cinzia Zorzi
Maestra di sci
Andrea Pastorello
maestro di snowboard

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